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humore®Lectures & Seminar Cabaret

Quickly inspire many


interesting content


Illustrative modern magic  


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humore  Lecture & Seminar Cabaret

Topic excerpt:

border crossing communication

Real or not - learn about the most incredible phenomena that seem to exist between people, from telepathy to mind control.

Where's the damn ease?

What can we do against the "heaviness" of everyday life?  

Here you can find out, in a humorous and practical way.

The different day

A "different" day -  on which everything is done "differently".

The power of the exciting decision - that makes it!

What is HUMOR really? How does it work?

"Humor competence" for amusing understanding and trying it out right away!

what is humor

Suitable for who?

 Companies & companies 

Show your employees that humor brings success,
economically and interpersonally! Reach them all at once!

 Public events 

Society needs more lightness and relaxation. Humorous lectures not only connect people, but also cultures. We learn faster.


The children are the new makers on this planet. It would be nice to give them the culture of humor - we could even save ourselves wars.
Topics treated with humor go deep andremain received.

 Associations & Institutions 

Bring momentum into the booth. Whether church or parent-child center, information and entertainment dance together!
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