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humore® Seminars & workshops

For teams & groups of all kinds

No "Powerpoint orgies"

you are a team that want to experience something together what brings you further?

As people, as a group, as a company?


Looking for new opportunities to improve cooperation and to learn more about yourself?

Ready to turn "blind spots" into graceful paintings?

New Perspectives to research - instead of wandering around with operational blindness?

What if there were workshops that brought people closer together and refreshing selfconsciousness create?


Workshops that even bring Fun


Topics are handles playfully and as a person you even develope further?

Team training different!

Try it out  and experience and not just talk about it.


...nope I have.

Out of the vale of tears, into the purifying world of discovery and the fulfilling adventure.

Let's end the problem-rolling and the lid of the treasure box of resources and creativity  will lift.


together. humorous. fine. effective.

More fun at work or just more humour in the team?
Lust on Humor Techniques & Humor Interventions to  have more success?
Curious about "modern" Conflict Management?
Learn efficient communication  with ease and fun?
Be playful in a team & experience new methods of togetherness?
Train the fine Art of Perception?

Topic excerpt:

Humor culture in the team
Humor competence brings people together faster and better.
What kind of humor culture  do we actually have in the team?
Learning to use humor as a balm for the team soul.
Communication Lab
Ways to better & easier togetherness.
Establish communication as a clear, healthy culture of encounter.
Playful and enjoyable review of self-image and external image.
Humor Competence for people in management positions
Humor as an increase in effectiveness in daily business
For a much better and healthier togetherness.
The fine art of perception
Where is our focus of attention?
How manipulable are our senses? What helps?
From monkey mind to mindfulness. A wake-up call seminar.
Humor as an alternative to argument
With humor to the good solution.
Find new creative solutions to create a win-win situation.
Humor als  elegant conflict prevention and also for a healthy stomach ; )
Art of Encounter 2.0
Lightness in difficult situations. From Covid to flirting.
New door openers to "special" people. Encountering is the beginning of a relationship ... and it should be successful.
We create ways to relieve our stress. Simple and healthy.
"Back to FLOW" and why "work-life balance" is not a wise goal.
Psychological techniques and playful measures that delight the heart and mind.
Amazement Lab
A workshop about amazement.
We learn to inspire, expand our scope of action
and celebrate  the playful fresh part in us. 
Marvel at yourself and the rest of the world.
  Apprentice training:


Self confident

How do I actually look? What can I still improve?

Experience, practice and develop self-confidence through the Humore® technique. Learn more about yourself with mindfulness and amazement.


Lie, fake and deception

Honesty is the best. Privately as at work. How do you protect yourself against people who don't want anything good for you? Uncover manipulation and seduction and stay true to yourself. Track down communicative traps and defuse them safely.


Mind Free Coaching

Afraid of the final apprenticeship exam? Are you afraid of certain situations or people? Hypnosystemic coaching with longterm effects. 

Those who invest correctly at the beginning will have much more success later.

units of 8 or 4/à 45 min

Learn - experience - apply

Sign up early enough and

we will discuss everything else personally!

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