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Who am I?

Good question!

Better question: Where am I?

After many attempt  and wrong actions, such as canceled medical studies, tunnel construction guy, waiter, wannabe pilot, I have now arrived in the areas in which I feel comfortable and (hopefully) experienced as competent.

By the way: My career aspirations as a child was "God". (no comments)

So much for megalomania.

"God" probably thought that could bring competition - so I was pushed towards magic (by him).

So I've been a "magician" since I was nine.

I like to perform regularly, as a close-up magician or on stage, you can find more about it here:

I am a psychologist and psychotherapist, and as a psychotherapist, I have been fascinated by hypnosis since I was 13, especially how quickly you can access healing resources and how best to use them.

Here's more of it:

For more than 20 years I have been working in "corporate consulting", seminars, workshops & individual coaching.

Humor is a fixed constant that I treat myself to as an attitude in life. More than chocolate. Maybe even a trademark ; )

What is very close to my heart is working as a Red Nose Clown Doctor.

I've been working as a Clowndoctor since 1995 and I still love this work like the first day. Just nice:

There are also amazing lectures and seminar cabarets, but that's well described here on another page anyway.

Ok.. I have a wonderful daughter and a great partner (even if she lives in Prague and the czech language just absolutely exceeds my articulative and cognitive skills)

No: I'm not emigrated to Czech Republic !


I won't mention our crazy cat Fipsi. 


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